Stand-By approved Kyusha Only

by Terry

Kyusha (Show-Car) Registrationfor Stand-By approved owners

STEP 1)  $75 Fee payment 

*Registration Rules and Conditions + Cancelation Policy JCCS 2022* By paying the fee, you are agreed to stay until 4pm, including NO REFUND for an absent vehicle with any reasons. NO SHIPPING. Registration benefit can be only available ON SITE, IN PERSON on 9/10/2022 by 1pm.

STEP 2)  “Kyusha Form”

You will be navigated to “Kyusha Form” to fill out your show-car information.  *You missed? Please contact JCCS by using a contact form with your FULL NAME.

In any case, please DO NOT DISPUTE via PayPal. It will be a result of YOUR $20 charge back fee, and you agreed that you are responsible to pay that amount. 


JCCS Association 2022 

 Questions? Please contact JCCS 

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