Cancelation Policy 2024

by Terry

** Registration Fee will ONLY be refunded when: Your vehicle is not given a spot and informed so by JCCS  via e-mail or payments are made in duplication. No exceptions.

** Fee refund will NOT be made when: 
  1. You withdraw yourself due to your schedule or under any unfortunate circumstances (sickness, injury, emergency, etc) Basically, NO REFUND policy, simply say.
  2. The city of Long Beach cancels the event due to any reason including due to public health issues and guidelines, regardless it is directed by County of Los Angeles, or State of California, JCCS will NOT refund registration fee. JCCS may hold a date to distribute registration goodies to the registered owners. No refund will be made.
  3. You do not show on the day of the show for ANY reasons. Your registered package will be available for you/your friends/family to come visit and picked up IN PERSON before 12pm.  No refunds to be made.
  4. If you decided to DISPUTE JCCS for any reason, in any payment, please know that you are no longer accepted with any JCCS events in current year and all future events. No exception. Charge back fee of $25 will be your responsibility to pay.

FAQ). What should I do if I can not make it then? CLICK

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