by Terry
Special THANKS to Mr.K’s 240Z 

Please meet below Photo requirements so your kyusha can be reviewed.

FOLLOW PHOTO REQUIREMENTS so your kyusha can be reviewed.

  • Size: Each photo must be between 500KB and 5MB. *Images that are too small will not be accepted.
  • Recency: Photos must be taken within a few months prior to the registration date. 
  • Orientation: Photos must be in landscape/horizontal mode.
  • Quality: Out of focus, partially showing cars, cut-off photos, black and white, and sepia photos are NOT acceptable.
  • Color: Photos must be in full color, taken either outside under direct sunlight or inside a closed garage with ample lighting. The entire body condition of the vehicle must be shown.

Required Angles:

  • Front Quarter: (Landscape mode) Showing the right or left side at the sample angle.
  • Rear Quarter: (Landscape mode) Showing the right or left side at the sample angle, so both sides of the body can be seen.
  • Interior
  • Additional Photos : Engine Room and other shots are optional but always a plus.

Thank you for your cooperation!


  • Exterior conditions (body paint/ rust /patina / primer/ different color of body panels / dents / dirt / wrap or stickers over damaged area) 
  • Interior conditions 
  • Engine room condition
  • Overall quality of modification and creativeness 
  • Vehicles must be in operational/drivable condition 

** Those above are just examples to be looked and we will consider the condition CASE BY CASE. If any vehicles are found not eligible after all careful review, the decision is final and nonnegotiable.

** Previous entry does not guarantee your registration in 2024. Unfortunately, there were several cars that entered in 2021,2022,2023 show, which were never officially registered, or accepted by the JCCS officials, and had unarthorized activity at the show. Those car information is recorded and will not be accepted in 2024. 

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