Motorcycle Pre-Registered Roll-In Instruction

by Terry

JCCS is Rain or Shine event. Just be prepared and ride safe!

Registered Motorcycle owners, your confirmation letters have been mailed out from Long Beach CA area on 9/26/2023. Please let your family know to expect a regular white envelop to arrive by October 3.

  • ** Motorcycles with truck – @7:00 am
  • ** Motorcycle riding-in @7:30-8:30 am
  • 🥶I can not make it!! or 😭Where is my letter? Please read this page
  • If you’re a truck owner dropping off your motorcycles, please arrive at 7am.
  • Our JCCS team will guide you to your spot for motorcycle drop-off.
  • Once done, please move your truck to either STAFF parking #1 or the Convention Center’s Visitor Parking ($15).
  • As agreed upon during your registration, you’re expected to remain in the show until as late as 4 pm.
  • If your motorcycle is operational, consider using Long Beach Convention Center’s parking for easier access, especially during the staging of 500 show-cars. You can park your truck and ride the bike to into the show area and arrival time could be as late as 8:30am.

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