by Terry

What a miracle day we had at the 17th Annual JCCS!! Huge thanks to all the kyusha fans for visiting the show this past weekend. Long Beach dodged the anticipated rain and had such a blast together after all ?

??Special thanks to all JCCS volunteer staff for their AMAZING team work, the city of Long Beach, vendors, and everyone participated …all who made the show successful and safe…. ARIGATOU! 

??旧車ファンの皆様のおかげで、奇跡的にも雨を避け無事に第17回JCCS を開催することが出来ました!ボランティアスタッフならびにロングビーチ市、そして出店者の皆様のご支援に感謝いたします。ありがとうございました!

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