Trailer Parking Pass @ Queen Mary

by Terry

(1)Trailer Parking Pass at Queen Mary (sold out as of 9/25)

  • As agreed upon during registration, please note that you cannot simply arrive with towing vehicles at JCCS gate. Please still try and make your own arrangement if you could not purchase this pass on time. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Parking Venue: The Queen Mary, Long Beach – Exclusively in Lots B10, B11, & B12.  MAP

*Not applicable for RVs or overnight stays.

Upon payment confirmation, a Parking Pass + confirmation letters have been mailed to your mailing address/home. (Ensure purchase by 9/22).

⚠️You will at first go to Queen Mary, unloading your show-car there. Leave your trailer at the QM, drive your kyusha to the Marina Green Park. After the show, you will drive your show-car to the Queen Mary. Load your show-car on the trailer, and together go home. 

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