JCMS Motorcycle show is part of JCCS® STEP 1: PAYMENT

by Terry

After a successful PayPal payment, you will be re-directed to STEP2: JCMS Registration Form to enter your motorcycle information.

  • *Please allow your browser to show a POP-UP window. 
  • *Oops! Missed the STEP 2? please contact us with your full name and PayPal info. 

10/30/2021 JCCS® REGISTRATION   $40/motorcycle 

(Early Birds Omiyage for who complete registration within July)

*Additional $15 each for motorcycle

Reminder : DO NOT DISPUTE via PayPal in any case please. It will be a result of >>>> $20 charge back fee <<<< and you are responsible to pay that amount.  

You have agreed on our Cancelation Policy by paying registration fee.

1st Bike $40, 2nd and more $15 per bike

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