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 JCCS News #52 - July 24th issue
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Last minute registration is approaching quickly...

Dear JCCS Fans,

It's been about 3.5 weeks since the JCCS registration opened, so this may sound crazy to you but
actually the last minute is approaching quickly than ever.

If you are planing to join the 10th anniversary celebration and
especially if you are one of "
JCCS regular" participants, please sign up now.

JCCS always try accommodate as many cars as possible,
however, in the end.... the space is still limited to safely hold the event.


"JCCS 10 years long participants, wanted!"

Did you "register your cars" in the past all 9 years of JCCS?
What!? So this is going to be your 10th? Cool!
If so, let us know today.

Special guest confirmed!
Mazda Miata's designer TOM MATANO

Internationally acclaimed automotive designer Tom Matano - father of the Mazda Miata and RX-7
is joining JCCS - perfect for both to celebrate 25years of Miata and JCCS 10th!
Miata is invited to JCCS to register this year so that will be awesome collaboration!

Watch his amazing video for designing a car. by Road & Track.

You may know him from the past JCCS news with Jay Leno's Garage video
"25 years of Miata". Enjoy the ride!

Finally, the dream of JCCS will come true at the 10th anniversary...

Special art to be dedicated to 10th JCCS!!

Hector has been a huge supporter for JCCS.
Some of you may have been lucky to meet him in parson in the past JCCS!

This year ... If your cars are registered already then you know that your
"2014 registration package" is going to be so special.
One of a kind to be - just drawn for JCCS 10th anniversary POSTER will be waiting for you.
Only limited numbers of posters will be available so make sure you will visit the JCCS whatever it takes!

** images shown on this page are Hector Cademartori's past art work. These art will NOT to be available at JCCS.

Read articles about Hector at LACAR.COM

Just for you, JCCS fans!

Sep. 26th Friday
9am to 3pm

Did you know, you can book the museum for your OWN EVENT?
Gatherng, meetings and even for car meets for FREE?
Contact TOYOTA Museum for up to 300 people event.

JCCS official HOTEL
Special Group Rate is now available for limited numbers of rooms

Make your stay so special with THE QUEEN MARY....!!

August 5 -9 . 2014

27th Annual
International Z Car Convention in San Diego
Almost here!

Special Guests: Yoshihiko Matsuo, Designer of the original 240Z.
Randy Rodriguez, Designer of the 370Z. And,
Toshio Yamashita, Designer of the 300ZX (Z32)

ALMOST HERE!!! Z car events and activities include: Auto cross, Coastal & Mountain runs
Fun skills driving events, RACELEGAL night, Judged and Peoples Choice car show
Banquet, Raffles, Prizes And much more

click for more info

August 9 - 17, 2014

Nisei Week Japanese Festival

Summer's best "spot light" event for Japanese Culture in America - Little Tokyo in Los Angeles is too hot!
Make a trip to experience everything about Japanese culture -
food, odori (dance), Taiko (drum), Matsuri and , CARS!

SHOWOFF Nisei Week CAR SHOW is a part of Nisei Week Japanese Festival!
Mark your calendar on August 16th

Click for more info

Sun. Sep 21, 2014

86Fest #3!

TOYOTA Corolla, Scion FR-S and Subaru fans!
Visit the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana CA.

Oct 5, 2014

3rd Annual Multi-State DATSUN Classic

In 2010 Southern California Datsun Roadster Owners Club
initially planned a get together of a handful of Datsun friends from various locations to meet in Williams where a couple of our club members live.
As planning went on the word got out and here we are four years later with the largest ALL Datsun annual gathering in the country!

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