Saturday Sep.27 2014
Queen Mary Long Beach, CA

 JCCS News #51 - Guest at JCCS confirmed! Event coverage and schedule
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Dear JCCS fans, 

As a celebration season June going on, how about yours?
There must be some life changing events, especially if you have kids who also likes your Kyu-sha!

In the last JCCS news, we announced that one of our dream came true...
BRE (Brock Racing Enterprises) is coming back to JCCS!
Today, another exciting news is ready for you....

We confirmed that racing legend Mr. JOHN MORTON is joining us to celebrate the JCCS 10th anniversary together!
He has been very busy attending many races however he accommodated our love call!
Be sure to meet him at the JCCS.



One of the celebration in JCCS news today is about this ...
finally, the " OFFICIAL" JCCS Facebook is here!

It feels like the JCCS is the very last one to join the Facebook but hopefully it's not too late!
If you are on Facebook, then please come visit us there.
if not, no worries.... because even if JCCS is on the Facebook,
we will always keep you posted the news via JCCS-news about our old school car life.
Need a letter in your mail? No problem just let us know.
It's just some technology finally arrived in JCCS :) ... like a A/C installed in your 70's Kyu-sha.

Just in case you don't know.
On LA Times, May 31 Saturday issue's Business section on top page, people talked about your Kyu-sha

Thanks! 10th Anniversary
-JCCS Registration for CARS and MOTORCYCLES
both will be open in July 1st.

Since we posted our guidelines a while back, we have heard from many concerned enthusiasts.
So we posted - Clarification for the Car Show Registration Eligibility.

We want to put everyone' s mind at ease: JCCS still welcomes
daily-driven and serious project vehicles. We are not a Concours d' Elegance-type event; regularly-driven cars registered by enthusiasts will always be welcome. However, JCCS is still a car show which must meet the high expectation of its sponsors and the ever-increasing bar for the image of Japanese Classics. JCCS has the discretion of determining if factory paint faded to primer or bare metal and in need of a respray, minor dents, surface rust, etc, will get you into the show.

... continue reading for full clarification.

Jump to JCCS registration page

Oh! Did you come to see the Japanese Classic "SAMURAI"
at the Benedict Castle Concourse in March?

Here is the event coverage! as a preview of Car Crazy Central TV.
Thanks for all participated owners and visitors to the show.

original Crossroads Car Show Website:


July 11-13, 2014

"Celebrating Datsun"

"The 2014 Portland Historic Races, features an annual entry list of more than 250 prestigious historic race cars,
representing a wide variety of manufacturers.
The restored cars are divided into groups according to make, age and horsepower,
where they are raced at high speeds close to or at their full potential...."

more information about participating and visiting the race,
visit :

Saturday July 12, 2014

Mooneyes Open House!

If you decided to stay in local then here is your busy Saturday!
FREE Live bands, meet and greet with the Mooneyes Pin-striper "Wildman".
Things you don't experience at the Mooneyes booth in JCCS, will be all here.
Check our the parts and accessories in the shop, too!

The 2nd Annual "NISSAN JAM"

THIS Sunday, June 15, 10 to 2pm

 The best "Father's Day" gift ever!
Gathering all Nissan and Datsun in Costa Mesa, CA.

Still ahead...
27th Annual International Z Car Convention in San Diego

make it & make your best summer 2014

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