Saturday Sep.27 2014
Queen Mary Long Beach, CA

 JCCS News #49 - Happy Valentine's Day issue
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Happy Valentine's Day to all Kyu-sha fans!

We are happy to announce about the JCCS 10th year anniversary to be held on Sep. 27 2014 at the Queen Mary.
Mark your calender, join us to celebrate the historical 10th event with us! The big time is coming!

JCCS would like to create not only another memorable event with you, but very best as the 10th with everyone.
You have about 7 months to finish your Kyu-sha project, drive in and lets have fun.
** But today, forget about cars, think about your loved ones with and sweets!

Have you attended JCCS with your registered cars and never missed for past 9 years?
If so, please contact us!

2014 Registration info

As always, the show-car pre registration will open in July 2014.

We mentioned the change and news about registration policy last year on the prior JCCS news (issied in Nov.2013)
If you are one of the many of work- in-progress cars , please check the registration page for details.

Valentine's gift ideas… for any Japanese classic car otaku!
(whatever the gender is!)

"Restore popular Japanese cars with help from one-of- a-kind book"

One of the hottest new trends on the street is to own and drive a vintage Japanese performance car. Whether it’s a Datsun 510 or 240Z, an early 1970s Mazda RX2, or an early Toyota Celica, these cars are gaining attention from enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Some of the first cars to be imported from Japan were sports cars, and they have been popular with collectors for years. Many of these cars were raced when they were new, and have a dedicated fan base among those who drove them 30 - 40 years ago. Ad- ditionally, these same cars were popular platforms for enthusiasts in Japan and other export markets as well, so many aftermarket high-performance parts were made for them.

Building a retro-flavored vintage Japanese performance car can be rewarding on many levels, and as these cars continue to gain popularity, they’ll gain value as well. This book shines on many fronts. Certainly, it is the first of its kind on this particular subject, but it also gives credence to both restoration and tasteful customization. Performance upgrades are shared, as are the various racing histories of the most popular and successful models. Information on Japan-exclusive models is also included where they influenced the cars that came to America, or where their success in racing impacted the engineering of American models.

Author Ben Hsu is the editor of Japanese Nostalgic Car, and is a recognized authority and expert on them. His dedication and exposure to classic Japanese cars runs deep, and his in-depth reviews of the cars and the companies that manufactured them will give readers a new appreciation and understanding of them.

The 8.5 x 11” softcover book (ISBN: 978-1-934709-88-7) features 144 pages packed with 269 color & b/w photos. This new release may be ordered for $24.95 plus $6.95 shipping and handling by calling CarTech at 1-800-551-4754 or by visiting"

*Note* This PRESS RELEASE issued CarTech

*** Please do not contact JCCS to purchse the book. Other retailers are available on google.

Contents/Photos Copy Right reserved by CarTech

Video de JCCS #3

"25 years of Miata"
Jay Leno's Garage

Who is behind the wheel of the cute red Miata? It's Jay!
If you attended in 2006 JCCS, you know that he joined us with his JDM Mazda Cosmo Sport.
A week ago, this 25th of Miata video released of a super meeting with Mr. Tom Matano,
who is the former Chief Designer of Mazda North America.
Check out the "Mia" & "Tia"'s story!

Video de JCCS #4

Definitive Z: The Limit and Legacy of the Datsun 240Z
by Electric Federal

How many of inspired and interesting videos can you get to watch every … month!? 
JCCS would like to share those videos with you!

240Z has been the king of Datsun, and one of the coolest Japanese classics …
and THAT Electric Federal did it again, with John Wiliam's 240Z.  
This video has been very popular in Japan as well as here in the U.S.
And you may have watched this already, though worth the 2nd watch!

Video de JCCS #5


Honda UK created this video how small hands built the small engines and it has bedome cars we drive now.
Shre this video with your kids too, very interesting and good education!
You may have already seen this too, though again worth the 2nd watch!

- JDM memory chat -
*The motorcycle on this screen capture (avobe) is a 1958 Honda Super Cab. The model has still continued now in 2014!
In Japan, the Cab were not only poplular used for commute, mainly used by retail stores.
It was also famous as food, newspapers, mail etc. "delivery" bike.
We called it by a nick name "Tottsan Bike" (well, maybe only in Kanto area) Tottsan = (middle age guy... lol)
When you hear the sound of this 50CC engine, you expect the morning has come already, or something yummy is on its way.

"The Benedict Castle Concours"
Crossroads Car Show

Visit to see "Japanese classic cars" show-cased at the concours!

Sunday March 29
Benedict Castle, Riverside CA

Car show benefits the:

Events Corner

The 27th Annual Solvang Datsun Roadster Classic

 April 25 & 26, 2014

 Celebrating the Datsun Roadster!

Find out more info

The 19th Annual ALL TOYOTAFEST

Save the date on May 3rd,
feel the ocean breeze in the Long Beach!
Registration will open on March 1st.

The 2nd Annual "NISSAN JAM"

Sunday, June 15, 2014

 The best "Father's Day" gift ever!
Gathering all Nissan and Datsun in Costa Mesa, CA.

see you all at the Connell Nissan of Costa Mesa

Stay tuned for more info - registration will open in May 2014

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