JCCS News #48- Halloween 2013 issue
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Happy Halloween for all Kyu-sha fans!

It has already been a month since the 9th Annual JCCS!
The show was a BLAST! with you and your Kyu-sha there at the Queen Mary.
As we expected, the weather was cooperative and sunny, it was hot but not too bad at all.
We are glad to let you know that the concerned traffic issue in the parking lot was not bad either.
Thank you for your cooperation for arriving early. 
JCCS would like to send our THANK YOU for your participation and visiting. 

For 2014, JCCS will celebrate a true milestone--its 10th anniversary!
It is a huge milestone, one that has seen the larger collector-car world warm to the idea that
Japanese cars are as historic, important, collectible and fun as any other automobile.
We have all walked together to represent the beauty and historic importance of Japanese classic cars,
and your participation has helped change the prevailing tide of opinion.
No one raises an eyebrow when we say "Japanese" and "classic car" together in the same sentence anymore.
We are forever grateful to you for helping to make this happen. 

In order to continue this march toward respectability, we will be making some important tweaks
to the rules of eligibility in the months ahead.

Stay tuned for more precise details, but we are going to be looking more closely at entries;
particularly those cars with dents, rust and primer.
We love and appreciate unrestored vehicles, but for 2014, we will be limiting entries of
unfinished or accident-damaged vehicles.

We mention this to you now because we know that many of your cars are works in progress,
and machines cars like the ones that form the foundation of JCCS cannot be built overnight.
Acceptance will be handled on a case-by-case basis, and so we ask that
you aim to have your car finished for September 2014 (exact date TBA)
so that we can have the strongest JCCS show yet!

JCCS 2013 Photo Gallery is up now!

Photos are dedicated by Toshi Kato, Johnny Fung, Owen Yano and Koji Yamaguchi

Click below image for all the JCCS 2013 Gallery

Also the bikes too!

Seven Stock is just around the corner!

Nov, 9 2013
8 am to 5pm

Your RE cars ...engine start!

SEVENSTOCK returns for its 16th year!

As many of you heard at the JCCS, the leader of SoCal RX-Club announced on the stage about the upcoming SS16!

SevenStock is cordially inviting all Mazda vehicles to join us on-track this year at SevenStock-16
Come join the Mazda Heritage Factory Racers and lots of other cool Mazda street and race vehicles on-track in
what promises to be one of the most memorable Mazda events in history!

The once "little bbq at the park" has grown into the full fledged World's Greatest Rotary Engine Festival!
Join them as the RE family celebrates the 20th anniversary of the 3rd Generation RX-7 in the U.S.
PLUS! Mazda North America will be bringing 4 of its 4-rotor race cars to display AND run at full speed on AAA Speedway.


Don't miss the Track Day at Seven Stock, too!

SevenStock is offering a very attractive $150 track fee for the world class Auto Club Speedway,
home of both Indy Car and Nascar in Southern California.

The track portion of the SevenStock event is being brought to you by the great people at the So-Cal RX Club and Speed Ventures.
The event is focused on providing all Mazda enthusiasts with an affordable and safe,
High Performance Driving Event at the World Class Auto Club Speedway.
Let's bring your car and get it run on the Speedway!

Click image for more info

Petersen Automotive Museum presents:

November 09, 2013

9:00 AM-NOON

Enjoy classic and modified Japanese cars of all eras on the rooftop at the Petersen!
All special interest vehicles are welcome and get free parking and 2-for-1 museum admission,
but classic or modified Japanese cars get VIP parking.

This event is FREE to attend!

Interested in themed/club cruise-ins? CLICK HERE

If your car club would like to help organize a cruise-in at the Petersen,
or if you have questions about the cruise-ins, email sscott@petersen.org

* JCCS Association is not afferiated with this event or the museum. JCCS supports the museum by promoting the event.

And also for people who are in this Auto industries and auto fans,
SEMA 2013 is waiting for you in LAS VEGAS!

more info click image

Many of you may know this already from a TV Commercial
but here once again let's disco with Toyota's Corolla Kyu-sha line-ups!

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