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Queen Mary. Long Beach. Caliph.

 JCCS News #43- October 2012 issue
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Autumn Greetings!!

The JCCS 2012 was another huge success,
even under an expected H O T heated weather!
Thank you everybody who were at the Queen Mary!

And hoping there will be nice cool ocean breeze to come back in 2013...

Mr. K's 103th Birthday Celebration!!

THANKS for your worm message to Mr.Yutaka Katayama!

This special banner signed by the Datsun fans at the JCCS is going to be sent to Mr. K in Japan..
Special THANKS to Miss. Johnnie Gable for all the arrangements,
including driving down his yellow 240Z to the show!!

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Special Thanks to NICO CLUB for the special display section!!

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A letter from a Kyu-sha fan visitor


I have just "discovered" old-school Japanese cars recently, and this trip to JCCS was my first. I came all the way from Utah to visit. I don't own a car, I just went to see what was there.

Because I'm a newbie to the hobby, I feared that I would be an outsider--everyone knows the lingo but me, everyone knows the history of the cars but me. I was a little intimidated, to say the least. But once I got there, I saw that my fears were unfounded: of course the cars and the bikes were terrific (though I'm partial to the kenmeri Skyline, I couldn't pick a favorite if I tried), but there was no I-know-more-than-you feeling anywhere. People were just digging on the cars. It didn't matter if they were '60s, 70s or '80s, if they were Honda, Toyota, Nissan or another brand, or stock/original or full-on custom--everyone liked what everyone else was doing. I loved all of it. My learning curve is still steep, but I could have spent a week there and not seen or learned all I wanted to. The atmosphere was just incredible! No one cared how much I knew or whether I owned a Japan car or not, they were just happy to answer questions.

As a result of this show, my love for vintage Japan iron has only grown. Thank you all--I hope to make JCCS a yearly visit from now on! (Just plan to make it cooler next year, please!)


David. J

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Oct 30 to Nov.2

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